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Who are we?

The Save Nether Edge Trees campaign group works to protect street trees in Nether Edge and surrounding areas, as well as supporting other street tree groups across the city.

The group was formed in late September 2015, in response to residents’ alarm at the proposed fellings across the city, and concerns at what “Streets Ahead” had in store for leafy Nether Edge.

For information about the campaign, please see The Campaign page.

Who are Streets Ahead and Amey?

Streets Ahead is the name for the partnership between Sheffield City Council and Amey, responsible for the ‘upgrading’ and maintenance of Sheffield’s streets, including street trees.

In December 2012, Amey revealed that they intended to fell half the street trees in Sheffield.

For information about the Streets Ahead partnership, please see The Campaign page.

What can you do to help?

How can I make an suggestion?

We are always looking for suggestions that may help protect our trees. If you have an idea that could help the campaign, please contact us.

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