Ten Things You Can Do Right Now

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1. Find a campaign event to attend

There are always events going on throughout the year. Monitor Facebook to hear of events being organised. We try and keep our ‘Dates for your diary‘ section up to date but please contact us if you think we missed anything.

Examples of past events

  • Rallys outside the Town Hall against the felling programme
  • Rallys outside the courts against the arrest of peacefully demonstrating protesters
  • Rally in Endcliffe Park against the ‘dawn raid’ on Rustlings Road
  • Public Meetings of Save Nether Edge Trees (at Nether Edge Bowling Club, Common Ground, Banner Cross Hotel)
  • Stalls at the Nether Edge Farmer’s Market
  • Musical events (The White Lion, Heeley & The Greystones pub, Yellow Arch Studios)
  • Photography exhibition – In Celebration of Trees (Bank Street Arts)
  • Save The Elm* Rally – Raise awareness of the proposed felling of one of the few remaining disease resistant elms in the country, and home to a rare colony of White Letter Hairstreak Butterflys.
  • Save The Elm* (Open Top Bus Event) – An opportunity to view the rare White Letter Hairstreak Butterfly from the vantage point of an open top bus

* The Elm later came 2nd in the national ‘Tree of the Year’ competition 2016.

2. Find out about putting up bird and bat boxes to encourage wildlife

Bird Boxes

All birds nests are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981. This includes birds nesting in boxes, meaning that it would be an offence for a felling crew to disturb a box that is in use.

For information on how to best site boxes to encourage nesting see here

Bat Boxes

In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected by both domestic and international legislation. This means it would be an offence for a felling crew to disturb, damage or destroy a bat roosting place, even if bats are not currently occupying the roost.

For information on how to best site bat boxes see here

If you’d like assistance putting up bird/bat boxes please contact us.

3. Help fund the campaign

The campaign is reliant on the public for funds. Without contributions we would not be able to produce leaflets, purchase yellow ribbons to tie round threatened trees, hold events or any of the other things we do to raise awareness.

Sadly, of late, the campaign also needs money to help cover the legal costs of those arrested whilst peacefully protesting against the destruction of healthy trees.

  • Contribute towards legal costs by donating
  • Support the cause by buying some of our merchandise.
  • Put some money in the tin at one of our events
4. Help put up and maintain the yellow ribbons

We have have been tying yellow ribbons round threatened trees to help Sheffield residents visualise exactly how many trees are under threat in the area.

Unfortunately sometimes these ribbons have been ripped down. If you can spare an hour or so to help ribbon (or re-ribbon) trees in your area, please contact us.

5. Make a suggestion and help implement it

We are always looking for suggestions that may help protect our trees. If you have an idea that could help the campaign, please contact us.

The campaign is entirely run by volunteers, all busily involved with various projects. So if you can, please help us put your suggestion into practice.

6. Register as an active supporter

To help with any of the following please fill in our supporters form:
(Remember to tick the relevant boxes)

  • Collecting signatures for our petitions
  • Talking to your neighbours about the campaign – All information supplied
  • Staffing campaign stalls at local events
  • Distributing leaflets to raise awareness of the issues
  • Liasing with businesses – Displaying posters, leaflets, campaign merchandise
  • Writing letters to press, councillors, MPs etc…
  • Becoming a Street Guardian – Keeping watch on your street and liasing with your neighbours
  • Take part in Felling Patrol – Make a circuit of at risk trees
  • Tree Protection – Defending threatened trees from felling crews (support and training supplied)

Sign up here

7. Report Birds Nesting In Threatened Trees

All birds nests are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981. This makes it illegal to damage or cause destruction to bird nests in use/being built, bird eggs and their young.

If you can prove a threatened tree has birds nesting in it, please email the Streets Ahead team on the address below. Clearly indicate the exact location of the tree and attach any evidence of nesting.

Email: streetsahead@sheffield.gov.uk

Can you also let us know via our contact page.

8. Report issues to Streets Ahead/Amey

If you see any of the following please fill out this form.

  • Streets Ahead/Amey workers behaving in an inappropriate or unsafe way
  • The street or pavement blocked or otherwise left in an unsafe condition (e.g. Holes without, or with insufficient, barriers)
  • Streets Ahead/Amey barriers left untidily or abandoned for long periods of time
  • Electrical cables left exposed either in excavation pits or street furniture (e.g. lampposts)
  • Recently resurfaced roads and pavements that are already in a poor state
  • Others (see the Sheffield Residents Holding Amey To Account site).

Can you also let us know via our contact page.

9. Write to your MP/Councillor(s)

The council are still claiming that the majority of Sheffield residents agree with the fellings. The more voters that write to them, the better.

  • Mention specific examples of threatened trees
  • Ask for the exact reason(s) they are to be removed, what options were considered before choosing to fell, and why they were not suitable
  • State why you believe they could and should be saved and suggest possible solutions
  • Ask how many/what percentage of trees will/have been removed in the surrounding area
  • Ask about the replacement trees. Will they be replaced by the same species and in the original location. If not, why not

Councillors for Nether Edge & Sharrow Ward

Sheffield City Council
Town Hall
Pinstone Street
S1 2HH

For other wards click here

MP for Sheffield Central (Broomhill, Central, Manor Castle, Nether Edge, Walkley)

Paul Blomfield MP (Labour Party)
Unit 4
Edmund Road Business Centre
135 Edmund Road
S2 4ED

For other Constituencies click here

10. Encourage a friend

Already done some or all of these? Speak to your friends and neighbours about the campaign, and try and encourage them to do one of the suggestions.


Something we’ve not thought of?

Please contact us.

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