Council To Fell “Tree of the Year” Finalist

Sheffield Council have decided to fell a rare Huntingdon Elm that sits on the corner of Chelsea and Union Road, Nether Edge, despite the advice of it’s own Independent Tree Panel (ITP).

“The tree adjacent to number 111 Union Road is a Huntingdon Elm (and not an English Elm), a notable and rare species, which we advise there is a strong arboricultural case to retain.”

Sheffield Council’s Independent Tree Panel

The Chelsea elm is doubly special, as not only is it one of very few mature elm trees to have survived the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease, it is also home to an equally rare colony of White-letter hairstreak butterflies, which has seen a 96% decline since the mid 1970s.

The tree’s importance led to it coming second in last years Woodland Trust “Tree of the Year” competition last (For further information see here and here).

The council’s decision comes as a particular blow, as a Save Nether Edge Trees representative had met with Councillor Brian Lodge on three occasions following the release Independent Tree Panel’s advice, to discuss plans to save the elm. The outcome of which was generally positive.

The council have yet to explain their change of direction.

Click here for further details.

UPDATE: Click here to sign the petition to save the elm.


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