Amey Tree Inspections Commence

From Tuesday the 15th, Amey are to start their onsite assessment/investigation of the 45 trees that the Council agreed to re-investigate, as part of it’s new proposal.

The joint tree inspections agreed to in the recent mediated talks are due to start next week, and we really need supporters to come along bare witness in a calm and peaceful manner.

Let us show the council that support for the campaign hasn’t gone away during the pause in felling, and that their conduct is being watched. The council must be shown that any attempt to fell healthy trees, would still draw mass gatherings of supporters, and much negative publicity.

For the inspection schedule, please read Paul Brooke’s (co-chair of STAG) statement below.

There are a total of 45 trees that, as per the Council’s new proposal, are listed for ‘reinvestigation’ and are due to have an on-site assessment/investigation to see if an engineering solution can be applied.
There are a further 60 trees that they say they need to fell in 2019 and these will also be subject to an on-site assessment/investigation.
There are some WW1 memorial trees that are now ‘retained’ but that will need some investigation work to identify the appropriate engineering solution.

We have been in discussion with Amey on the process as set out in the Joint Statement and we want to assure you of the following;
  1. Amey will notify residents adjacent to any trees due for investigation with a hand delivered letter.
  2. Amey have assembled a ‘specialist team’ to carry out investigation works in public and in liaison with independent highways engineers offering their support to STAG
  3. NO decision or action to fell a tree will be taken during the investigation. The crew will not have a chipper on tow.
  4. If the crew can use an engineering solution and repair the kerb/pavement to the standard required by the Council, they will complete the work that day or the following day depending on time available.
  5. If they are not able to fix the problem they will discuss this with our engineer and we will produce a joint report setting out what Amey and what our engineer recommend.
  6. If our Engineer is not available on the day Amey inspect the tree, Amey will remove the kerb/tarmac as required and leave the site exposed (protected by barriers) so that our engineer can assess when available.
  7. If Amey conclude they cannot resolve the problem and after our engineer has assessed the site, Amey will make the site safe with a temporary repair and refer the tree to SCC for a decision. We are in discussion with SCC about how this information, including the CAVAT value and cost/benefit of works will be published.
  8. People are encouraged to come and view works. STAG reps and local residents are able to enter the workzone if needed to photograph and view works when safe and by arrangement with the site crew. Safety wear can be provided.
It is our anticipation that more trees will be retained indefinitely as a result of this work and we want to support and assist the site crews to be creative and effective in delivering sensible solutions.

Planned work schedule.
Amey are not sure how long works will take as they will be learning as they go! 🙂 We think they will be able to do 1 or 2 trees per day.
Look out for daily updates in the coloured Daily Alert Box on the main STAG Facebook page
  • TUESDAY 15th Jan 19 – CHATSWORTH Rd, S17 – 1 tree;
Then working in the following order;
  • CRAWFORD ROAD, S8 – 1 tree; 
  • RYLE ROAD S7 – 1 tree; 
  • STRUAN ROAD, S7 – 1 tree; 
  • TAY STREET, S6 – 1 tree; 
  • THORPE HOUSE AVENUE, S8 – 1 tree; 
  • AGDEN ROAD, S7 – 2 trees; 
  • UPPER ALBERT ROAD, S8 – 2 trees.
Paul Brooke – STAG Steering Group

If you have found this information useful then please consider helping us protect your trees, by donating some money to the legal fund.

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