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Joint Inspections Seem Positive

Last December, following talks between Sheffield Council and Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG), the council finally released their new street tree proposal. The proposal included plans for joint inspections to be carried out by Amey and STAG representatives, of a number of threatened trees.

Well it’s now been almost three months since the proposal was announced, and the news is broadly positive. Nearly all the trees that were due for joint inspections have now been assessed, including all such trees in the Nether Edge/Carter Knowle area.

The inspection process has been very interesting. The humped tarmac around some trees which had previously been blamed on huge roots and was apparently ‘irreparable’, was found to consist of four layers of tarmac, and not of roots at all. The new repaired pavement surface is completely flat. Trees with minor roots creeping into the carriageway, which Amey and the Council said must be felled because the situation was ‘irresolvable’, have had their minor roots pruned and new kerb stones put in place. All in all, it highlights just how many of the 5500 trees already felled across Sheffield should never have been felled. 

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