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Amey Tree Inspections Commence

From Tuesday the 15th, Amey are to start their onsite assessment/investigation of the 45 trees that the Council agreed to re-investigate, as part of it’s new proposal. 

The joint tree inspections agreed to in the recent mediated talks are due to start next week, and we really need supporters to come along bare witness in a calm and peaceful manner.

Let us show the council that support for the campaign hasn’t gone away during the pause in felling, and that their conduct is being watched. The council must be shown that any attempt to fell healthy trees, would still draw mass gatherings of supporters, and much negative publicity. 

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Mediated Talks Proposal Released

Following the recent talks between Sheffield Council and Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) representatives, the council has released a formal proposal, which consists of a revised list of trees they still believe need to be felled.

Of the 305 threatened street trees not yet fell, 57% of them are still marked for the chop.

27% will be indefinitely retained. 
16% are likely to be retained, subject to some final joint review. 
(probably saved)
20% are still due to be felled during 2019, subject to final review. 
(likely to be felled imminently)
37% are still be felled in a phased approach, over the period of 2020 to 2028. Again, subject to final review. 
(likely to felled in the future)

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