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Injunction Case Shock Result

The judge in the injunction case shocked everyone yesterday, by not only granting injunctions against the 3 named defendants, but against “persons unknown” as well.

Though the injunction is not due to come into force until next Tuesday (22nd August 2017), the defendants have only 48 hours to appeal the ruling. They are currently seeking legal advice.

The Save Nether Edge Trees group will be holding a public meeting at The Banner Cross Hotel this coming Monday to discuss how the ruling affects the campaign and where we go from here. All supporters welcome.

The fight goes on.

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Save Nether Edge Trees Public Meeting – 21st August 2017

The next Save Nether Edge Trees public meeting will be held on Monday 21st August at 8.00pm.

The main focus of the meeting is likely to be the verdict of the injunction case, which is currently due to announce on Tuesday 15th August. The announcement will be followed by a 48 hour period during which either side can appeal.  

Location is the upstairs room at the Banner Cross Pub, 971 Ecclesall Road.

Please arrive by 7.45pm for a prompt start at 8.00pm. Thanks.

All supporters welcome

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Shocking Pictures Of Swaledale Road

Another in the series of shocking pictures have been released showing Swaledale Road with all its threatened trees removed.

Sadly, since the ‘before’ picture was taken in April, seven of the ten trees have been felled.  This only serves to remind us all exactly what we are fighting to protect.

Please feel free to download and print copies of the files below to share amongst your friends and neighbours to show them how their Council is vandalising its green spaces.

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The Independent Tree Panel Costs Revealed

Freedom of information requests have revealed just how much Sheffield council has spent on the advice from its ‘Independent Tree Panel’, which it often then ignored.

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The Legal Battle: Latest Update

The following comprehensive update on last weeks court case was provided by Chris Rust of STAG.

“As everyone is aware, the three day High Court hearing on SCC’s request for injunctions against our supporters ended on Friday.

The Judge stated that he will need ‘up to two weeks’ to come to a decision. As well as the evidence and the complex legal arguments presented in court he has to consider other material submitted by both parties.

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Independent Tree Panel Result Summary – Final

Summary Of Results

Sheffield Council has now released all of the Independent Tree Panel’s recommendations, as well as its own response to those recommendations.

Adding these to the previously released information, here are the final summary statistics:

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The Final Independent Tree Panel Results

The final Independent Tree Panel result has been published, along with the council’s ultimate decision.

Thornsett Road

Please see the updated ITP page, for details and a summary of the ITP’s published results.

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