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Who Defends The Tree Defenders?

Sadly we are all too aware of how little attention Sheffield Council have paid to the environmental concerns of its citizens, and we have all witnessed the ferocity with which it has gone after those that dare oppose its plans in court. Some have been arrested, many have been intimidated. And in August 2017, the council obtained an injunction specifically designed to the right to legally protest beneath healthy threatened street trees.

But despite all this there have always been some who were willing to go that extra mile and stand up for what they believe, no matter the consequences to themselves. Calvin Payne and Alastair Wright are two such people. Both of whom have been ordered to pay Sheffield Council a vast sum of money, totaling £27,000, for breaking the injunction.

Now the campaign group ‘Stump Up Sheffield’ have started a crowdfunder, to help these selfless men shoulder the “costs” forced upon them by the council. Costs due mostly to unnecessarily pricey £16,000 a day lawyer hired by the council to intimidate protesters.

So please. I ask you all. Click the crowdfunder link. Watch the video and give whatever you can afford.

Who defends the tree defenders? We do!

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Local Musicians Say “Get Off Our Tree”

Local musicians, united in support of the Save Sheffield Tress campaign, are staging a one off benefit concert at the Sheffield City Hall.

The event organised by The Everly Pregnant Brothers will include several members of Sheffield’s musical royalty including Jarvis Cocker and Nick Banks from Pulp and Jon McClure of Reverend and the Makers.

Location:   Sheffield City Hall
Date:           16th March 2018
Time:          21:30

Tickets cost only £16.80

To book ticket please click here.

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Reminder: Save Nether Edge Trees Public Meeting Tonight!

Just a reminder that the next Save Nether Edge Trees public meeting will be held Tonight at 8.00pm.

As usual the location is the upstairs room at the Banner Cross Pub, 971 Ecclesall Road.

We will be giving updates on current initiatives, asking your opinions on a number of issues, including how political the group should be, as well as time for general discussion.

Please arrive by 7.45pm for a prompt start at 8.00pm.

Many thanks for your continued support

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Chelsea Elm Pruning Successful

The Chelsea Elm was safely pruned yesterday after an agreement was reached between the Save Nether Edge Trees group, Sheffield Council and Amey.

Many protesters were fearful that Amey would ignore the agreed plans, despite the presence of an independent arborist that had been specially employed for the occasion by Save Nether Edge Trees.

“I just want to say a huge thanks to all who respected the pruning work on the elm today. I understand how nervous people were, how much trust you had to put in Amey, SCC and even me! A shed load of it in fact. But it was a successful day in the end after a really tough week.

So many people contributed, too many to thank individually. But from the bottom of my heart thank you all. The butterfly colony is virtually untouched and the tree should almost certainly be okay too”

Paul Selby, Save Nether Edge Trees

On the day, it was decided that less branches needed to be removed than was previously thought necessary.

Tellingly, the pruning was carried out by Amey’s own arborists rather than Acorn, who Amey, the external company they have previously relied upon to fell contested trees.

Let’s hope that Amey’s willingness to cooperate is a sign of things to come.

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Chelsea Elm Pruning Update!

An agreement has been reached between the Save Nether Edge Trees group, Sheffield Council and Amey with regard to the “pressing safety work” to be carried out on the Chelsea Elm.

Although the campaign has always agreed that some pruning of the rare disease resistant elm was required for safety reasons. Campaigners have previously prevented work being carried out on the tree due to concerns over the extent of the work the council was proposing, and the effect it may have on the rare species of White Letter Hairstreak Butterfly that have made their home in its branches.

The Plan
It has been agreed that Amey contractors will:

Remove a single branch/limb identified in an independent report as imminently dangerous.
Remove a smaller branch which is encroaching into the carriageway.
Thin the canopy (top and sides) by between 2 and 2.5 metres.
All work will be under the observation of an independent arborist, employed by Save Nether Edge Trees.

Long Term
The long term future of the tree is still being discussed, but after the pruning, there should be no imminent threat of felling. And the tree will continue to be being monitored as part of the butterfly mitigation plan.

Peaceful Pruning Observation Event 
The work is due to be carried out on Friday 23rd February. Time to be confirmed. 

We would like people to peacefully observe the pruning from outside the safety barriers, ensuring the pruning and safety work is unhindered.

For more information see here.

Also See: Council To “Prune” The Chelsea Elm

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New Greno Woods Elm Tree Ceremony

Thanks to the efforts of a Sheffield resident and elm enthusiast, an exciting initiative to
breed disease-resistant elm trees in Greno Woods nature reserve in north Sheffield is
now becoming a reality.

From being one of the UK’s most common trees before the 1960s, the elm is now one of the UK’s rarest. All because of a disease called Dutch Elm Disease (DED), which has killed over 60 million trees in the UK since it arrived.

Now the initiative to breed elm trees resistant to DED has reached a crucial stage, with the initiative establishing a network of eight experimental plantations across the country. One of these is in north Sheffield in Greno Woods, on a nature reserve owned by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. 

The Sheffield branch of the initiative is unique because it has been crowdfunded, and it is the brainchild of local resident and elm enthusiast Paul Selby

“I have been interested in elm trees since being a child. I remember being very sad to see some wonderful English elms at the bottom of my uncle’s garden die of the terrible Dutch Elm Disease. In 2014 I made a specific trip to Brighton to see the oldest remaining 400-year-old English elms in the world. And since December 2015 I have led the efforts to save the now famous Chelsea Road elm in Sheffield from the threat of felling by the controversial Streets Ahead programme.

However, out of the bad can sometimes come some good. Through my work to save the Chelsea Road elm, I met Dr Herling, and together we came up with the idea for the Sheffield branch of the elm initiative. The local response has been wonderful, with nearly £700 raised in just two weeks to fund the project.”

Paul Selby

The ceremonial first planting will be held on Monday 19 February between 11am and 12 noon.

Please see the press release for more details.

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Cancel ‘Streets Ahead’ PFI Petition

A new petition has been launched calling for the rescission of the ‘streets ahead’ PFI contract between Sheffield Council and Amey. 

The aim is to get more than 5000 signatures within the next 3 weeks, so it is debated at the next ‘Full Council Meeting’. 

Previous petitions, all of which have been declined by the Council, have called for the suspension, renegotiation or termination of the contract. However, no petition has been raised calling for rescission of the contract in accordance with the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

In addition to rescinding the contract, the Misrepresentation Act would also allow the council to sue Amey for costs and damages incurred during delivery of the contract, due to the serious misrepresentations made when bidding for it. This would effectively nullify the Council’s argument that it would cost ‘millions’ to remove itself from the contract.

Please sign the petition and distribute it widely.

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