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Sheffield People’s Petition

Many of us have been outraged by Sheffield Council’s plans for the city’s street trees, and appalled by it’s handling of the resultant protests.

The council currently operates using a ‘Strong Leader Model’. This means that many important decisions are made behind close doors, by just the council leader and the nine members of the cabinet, with the remaining councillors have no input. This effectively means that it is highly likely that your elected representative, and by extension you, have no voice on many important issues, including those affecting our environment.

Today the ‘It’s Our City’ campaign group have launched the ‘Sheffield Peoples Petition’. If just 5% of Sheffield residents sign, it will trigger a referendum on how our city council is run, and possibly force the council to adopt a more democratic governance model. One based on greater accountability and transparency.

“We, the undersigned, being local government electors for the area of Sheffield City Council, to whom this petition is addressed, seek a referendum on whether the council should be run in a different way by one or more committees made up of elected councillors.” – It’s Our City

I urge all Sheffield residents to sign the petition. This is an great opportunity to change and influence the way our city is run, in a way that goes way beyond the issue of street trees.

Please visit the petition at

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Cancel ‘Streets Ahead’ PFI Petition

A new petition has been launched calling for the rescission of the ‘streets ahead’ PFI contract between Sheffield Council and Amey. 

The aim is to get more than 5000 signatures within the next 3 weeks, so it is debated at the next ‘Full Council Meeting’. 

Previous petitions, all of which have been declined by the Council, have called for the suspension, renegotiation or termination of the contract. However, no petition has been raised calling for rescission of the contract in accordance with the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

In addition to rescinding the contract, the Misrepresentation Act would also allow the council to sue Amey for costs and damages incurred during delivery of the contract, due to the serious misrepresentations made when bidding for it. This would effectively nullify the Council’s argument that it would cost ‘millions’ to remove itself from the contract.

Please sign the petition and distribute it widely.

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Jeremy Corbyn To Accept Tree Petition – Sign It Today!

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed, that he will accept in person, a petition calling on him intervene in Sheffield’s tree crisis.

It is hoped that Mr Corbyn will be able to help broker talks between Sheffield council, and those opposed to the large scale felling of healthy street trees by it’s Streets Ahead programme.

Save Nether Edge Trees would like to encourage all our supporters to sign the petition ASAP, and to encourage others to do so. Lets help get the required 7,500 signatures before the mid-October deadline. 

Sign the petition here.

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Save The Sheffield Elm Petition

A new petition has been started against the felling of the Chelsea Elm.

“In the midst of its ill‐informed and deeply unpopular campaign of felling trees across the city, the council, in its wisdom, has decided to remove a much loved and very rare elm tree. Quite apart from being rare, the tree is home to the threatened white‐letter hairstreak butterfly. But it’s damaging a pavement, so it has to go. The city is special because of its trees, not its pavements.”
Show your opinion of the callous attitude the council has shown to the concerns of residents and environmental experts.

Sign the “Save the Sheffield Elm” Petition

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Sign The Tree Charter To Plant A Tree

The Tree Charter is a new initiative made up of experts from over 70 organisations. Their aim is to create a document that sets out how people and trees should be able to benefit each other, and contains guidelines and principles that can be applied to policy, business practice and individual action.

For every person that signs the Tree Charter a tree will be planted in the UK.

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Petition the Independent Tree Panel (ITP)

It appears that the Tree Panel exists simply to allow the council to say they have consulted with experts and citizens while continuing to do as they please.

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