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Injunction Trial Result Summary

In October Sheffield council decided to take prominent tree campaigners Calvin Payne and Councillor Alison Teal to court again.

The council alleged that they had broken the injunction forbidding peacefully protesting against the felling of healthy street trees. 

The trial began on Friday 27th October and sentencing was carried out on Friday 3rd November.

Alison Teal

Alison has been fastidious in respecting the terms of the injunction, and as such the evidence against her was weak. The judge decided she had not breached the order and the case against her was dismissed on the opening day of the trial.

Calvin Payne

Calvin was found guilty of breaching the injunction. This consisted of one count of encouraging others to breach the injunction by posting on Facebook, as well as two other counts of preventing the felling of healthy street trees by standing within the safety zone.
He has been given a 3 month suspended sentence, and ordered to pay £16,000 in costs.

“I apologise to the judge for being caught up in this and I have no contempt for the judge or the court but I do for the policy that we are fighting and I’m not ashamed or retracting my actions.”

“I’m slightly relieved to be here. As you could hear in there, it was a close run thing. Whatever happens here today, the issue won’t have gone away.”

Calvin Payne

For further information, please see the media links for the 3rd November, provided on our campaign timeline.

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Reminder: Pre-Trial Rally This Friday

This is a reminder that there will be a rally this Friday to show support for the prominent tree campaigners that have been taken back to to court by Sheffield Council.

Please come along and show your support.

Date:                        27th October 2017
Venue:                     Sheffield Combined Courts 
Start of Rally:       09:30 am
Start of Trial:       10:30 am

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Trees of Steel Procession – Saturday 21st October 2017

Sheffield Tree Action Groups invites you to gather on Devonshire Green this Saturday 21st October, for a rally celebrating Sheffield’s urban forest and show our appreciation for everyone who continues to defend our beautiful trees.

“Let’s make our voice the biggest, loudest, clearest it’s ever been for Sheffield City Council to hear”
Event Schedule
12 noon – Devonshire Green meet up
12.15 – Procession to Barker’s Pool
12.30 – Rally at City Hall

For full event details click here.

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Vernon Oak To Be Felled On Monday!

Yesterday, the Save Dore Totley & Bradway Trees group announced that despite over two years of campaigning to save the “Vernon Oak”, the iconic tree is scheduled to be felled on Monday 16th October 2017.

“Losing this magnificent healthy oak would be a tragedy in any circumstances, but when the reasoning behind felling it is so palpably flawed it tells a distressing story about how little the positive impact of street trees is understood and valued by local decision-makers.”
Matt Larsen-Daw – The Woodland Trust 

“As Chair of the Wildlife Trust, I have observed first hand how the Council leadership and its officers have consistently failed to take on board constructive expert advice from the principal local charitable natural environment champion. Whether it is responsible local residents or respected experts giving the advice and wanting to influence the City Council the result has been the same – a dialogue with the deaf”
Christopher Pennell – Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Residents will be holding a candlelit vigil under the tree this Sunday evening at 6pm.

Read the full press released here.

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Join The Pre-Trial Rally – Friday 27th October 2017

Prominent tree campaigners Calvin Payne and Councillor Alison Teal are being taken to court by Sheffield Council again. The council alleges that they have broken the injunction forbidding peaceful protesting against the felling of healthy street trees from “within a safety zone”. The trial is to begin on Friday 27th October at 10:30am.

Please show your support by joining us for a rally outside before hand. 

Venue:     Sheffield Combined Courts 
Start:  09:30 am

There will be speakers and chanting, but folk music will be kept to an absolute minimum.

See the Facebook event here.

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Michael Gove intervenes in “bonkers” Fellings

The environment secretary, Michael Gove, visited Sheffield on Wednesday, hoping for a “decent conversation” with Sheffield Council about its felling of healthy street trees, which he has described as “bonkers”.

“The idea that because tree roots might potentially cause a kerbstone here to be slightly out of alignment or might theoretically pose a risk to someone’s mobility and therefore that justifies felling trees that have been here for generations is bonkers.”
In addition to talks with the council, he also met with green party councilor, Alison Teal, and other prominent members of the campaign.

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Jeremy Corbyn To Accept Tree Petition – Sign It Today!

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed, that he will accept in person, a petition calling on him intervene in Sheffield’s tree crisis.

It is hoped that Mr Corbyn will be able to help broker talks between Sheffield council, and those opposed to the large scale felling of healthy street trees by it’s Streets Ahead programme.

Save Nether Edge Trees would like to encourage all our supporters to sign the petition ASAP, and to encourage others to do so. Lets help get the required 7,500 signatures before the mid-October deadline. 

Sign the petition here.

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