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Cancel ‘Streets Ahead’ PFI Petition

A new petition has been launched calling for the rescission of the ‘streets ahead’ PFI contract between Sheffield Council and Amey. 

The aim is to get more than 5000 signatures within the next 3 weeks, so it is debated at the next ‘Full Council Meeting’. 

Previous petitions, all of which have been declined by the Council, have called for the suspension, renegotiation or termination of the contract. However, no petition has been raised calling for rescission of the contract in accordance with the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

In addition to rescinding the contract, the Misrepresentation Act would also allow the council to sue Amey for costs and damages incurred during delivery of the contract, due to the serious misrepresentations made when bidding for it. This would effectively nullify the Council’s argument that it would cost ‘millions’ to remove itself from the contract.

Please sign the petition and distribute it widely.

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