The ITP Process

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In November 2015, Sheffield City Council set up it’s Independent Tree Panel to advise on the street tree replacement programme.

The Process

The council sent out a survey letter to each household on streets where tree felling had been proposed. The letter contained brief details of the planned works and requested that residents complete an online survey to indicate if they agreed with the council’s proposals. If over 50% of the responses from each street disagreed with the proposals, then the plans for the street would be referred to the panel.

Unfortunately the council chose to send this important survey out in plain brown envelopes addressed to the householder and there are wide reports of houses that either never received a survey letter, or not surprisingly, assumed it was junk mail and binned it.

The Costs

Please be aware that the 2017/18 figures show costs incurred to date.  These costs do not represent the final costs incurred to the Council, as we have not yet received all final invoices for work carried out by members of the ITP.

2015/16 2016/17 2017/18
Staff costs for consultation support and administration 24,125 15,750
No costs incurred
Postage and delivery costs 2,621 20,839 No costs incurred
Payments made to members of the Independent Tree Panel 11,712 28,508
Total 38,458 65,097 28,150
Grand Total 131,705
(as of 03.08.2017)
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