What To Look For

Tree felling work may be done by Amey or a sub-contractor, so Amey may not be written on the vehicles. Amey are involved in a lot of street work across Sheffield, so be sure they are felling before raising the alarm.

To fell a tree requires quite a large crew with several vehicles but the two to look out for are:

The Chipping Machine

  • Look for the distinctive spout on the trailer.
  • These come in different sizes and colours.
  • They may belong to Amey or a sub-contractor
A Chipper Truck

A big truck with a chipper (click image to zoom)

The Cherry Picker

  • Usually mounted on a pickup truck.
  • These come in a variety of colours, sizes.
  • Usually hired for the job, so markings vary.
  • Not all fellings need a cherry picker.
A Cherry Picker

A Cherry Picker (click image to zoom)

If you see either of these vehicles then you need to pay close attention to what’s happening. If unsure, it’s always worth asking the crew. Experience has shown that if they are only doing maintenance they will be quick to tell you.

How do I report a felling?

If possible, contact us via our Facebook group (as it is monitored by many people), otherwise please use the Contact Us page.

How will I know when fellings are happening?

Please sign up as a supporter via our Support Us page.

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